Understanding The American Culture

When speaking about culture, the only thing that comes to mind is people. Culture is nothing but a habit that a group of people follows and believe in. It is we as human beings that define culture. And in return the culture defines us. Our culture becomes our identity, and that’s why people get hurt when people talk trash about you or your culture. Speaking of culture, how can we forget the western culture?

The western culture is generally the culture of the United States and the European Culture combined. It is said that western culture affects the eastern culture. To some extent it is true. But most of the time, people forget that western culture also gets affected by the eastern culture too. We are not here to discuss the culture. In this article, we spend our time on understanding what the American culture is about. What are their views and how does it affect the rest of the world.

The Melting Pot

The American culture is sometimes mentioned as the “Melting Pot”. No single culture prevails over the country. There are the Mexicans, the Asians and people from all over the world who live in this melting pot. Each one of them leaves a mark on the pot and make it more colourful and exotic every day.

You cannot ignore this fact. The diverse population is a sign of unity. A sign of individualism and a sign of tolerance. People from all the different corners of the world live here, and they take special care on how not to offend or hurt one another. This is what makes the real America. This is what keeps the country united even in the face of diversity.


Americans love competition. From scoring the highest numbers to make the big dollars, there is competition in every corner of life. If you are new to the country, you may feel odd with people rushing from one corner to another and the hustle and bustle all around the cities. But with the time you realize that most of the Americans are trying to fulfil their “The Great American Dream” an in its quest, the people spend most of their time making the dream true. The competition is not with any other person, in particular, rather it is the competition with yourself.


From a very early age, Americans learn the art of making money and making oneself self-sufficient. Most kids by the age of 6 start making money from a lemonade stand in their summers. While this may sound insignificant, but it is one of the essential steps in making oneself independent. By the time they are 18; most kids leave their parent’s house and start living the life on their terms.

This shows the real spirit of an American. The struggle to make a dent in the society in the face of adversities is the real face of most Americans. Living in the world’s best place is the dream every one might have thought at least once in a lifetime. The place gives wings to your dream, and if you that the grit to succeed in life, you will surely make a living in the land of dreams.

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